Software Development Engineer — Gameplay (multiple positions)

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Job Duties:

Design engineering and develop specialized software systems and applications, including advanced 3-D interactive graphic elements for use in cutting edge technological media formats including advanced video game consoles, PC, virtual reality and on-line gaming. Engineer next generation features for software and 3-D graphics systems (aka 3-D engines). Engineer system testing procedures to ensure the quality and consistency of our software systems. Collaborate with other developers such as computer programmers, graphic artists and designers to ensure conformity with technical and aesthetic specifications. Design, develop, and implement game mechanics including interactions with virtual characters, worlds, environments and their interactions with each other. Design, develop, and implement a broad range of game play systems, including player controls, character locomotion systems, animation systems, AI decision making, level design tools, gameplay prototyping, shader/graphics programming, and UI programming.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or a related field or the foreign degree equivalent and 7 years of progressive, post-baccalaureate experience in the on-line, virtual reality, or video game industry that includes 3 years of experience in building robust character and player locomotion systems for a AAA game release, 3 years of experience in building character and IK-driven video game movement systems, 3 years of experience developing games with the Unity game engine and 7 years of experience programming games using C# and HLSL are also required. Experience may be gained concurrently.

Position with Valve Corporation located in Bellevue, Washington.

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