Graphic Designer

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Job Duties

Responsible for the design and creation of 3D graphics for interactive computer video games and related promotional materials. Develop the strategy for branding and the best way to promote the release. Create original and imaginative conceptual development for characters, environments, and other game assets. Incorporate advanced graphic design techniques (including matte painting, texture painting and compositing) as well as blocking, and staging focused around interactive video game development. Creation of game marketing material including posters and book covers.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts, Digital Design & Animation, Digital Design, Graphic Design, or related field or the foreign degree equivalent and 3 years of experience performing conceptual game development for conceptual character and environmental design, creating finished in-game assets, and creating released marketing materials. Must have had game specific artwork published in game art books and must have created finished artwork in at least 3 video games that shipped on major 7th generation (Xbox 360 and/or PS3) or later console platforms.

Position located at Valve Corporation in Bellevue, WA

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