Trademark Guidelines

Dota Trademark guidelines

Valve Corporation (“Valve”) is the owner of the trademarks “Dota”, “DOTA” and “Defense of the Ancients.” (“Dota Marks”) Valve grants you permission to use the Dota Marks on the condition that you follow these guidelines. If you prefer not to follow the guidelines then please don’t use the Dota Marks at all.

  • The Dota Marks may only be used in conjunction with user-created maps created with Blizzard’s World Editor tool and designed to be used in conjunction with WarCraft III and StarCraft II.
  • You may use the Dota Marks only for non-commercial purposes. If you are deriving any kind of revenue from your map you don’t have permission to use the Dota Marks.
  • Your use of the Dota Marks can’t suggest any affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement by Valve, and you cannot claim any rights in the Dota Marks. Don’t use the Dota Marks in a way that is likely to confuse consumers.
  • The Dota Marks should only be used in reference to maps that include team combat, tower defense, lanes of combat and non-player characters (“creeps”) controlled by artificial intelligence. The Dota Marks may only be used in connection with high quality maps.
  • Don’t use the Dota Marks in conjunction with your name or any other trademark or trade name, e.g. “Acme Dota”.
  • Don’t call your map “Dota” alone or with “Dota” as the first word in the title of your map. For example don’t call your map “Dota Dinosaurs”, call it “Dinosaurs of Dota”.
  • You may not use the DOTA marks in a way that is deceptive, harmful, obscene or disparaging to others.
  • You may not present or feature the DOTA trademark on websites containing content associated with pornography, gambling, or illegal activities.
  • You should use the ™ symbol with the DOTA Marks, e.g. “DOTA™” and “Defense of the Ancients™”
  • If your map has a credit notice section you must include an attribution of Valve’s ownership of the Dota Marks, e.g. “Dota is a trademark of Valve Corporation”.
  • Except as described in these guidelines, you may not use the DOTA Marks in connection with any merchandising, broadcasting, or other exploitation without the written permission of Valve.
  • Nothing in your map or your use of the Dota marks should imply that your map is endorsed, sponsored or approved by Valve.