April 10, 2007
Left 4 Dead In The News
We invited the webmasters of Left4Dead411 to give the game a try, and they posted their impressions.

    "Left 4 Dead is absolute chaos. It is intense, fast-paced, thrilling, exhilarating, and exhausting. It is everything you could ever hope for a game to be and more - every single expectation I had for the game was blown away entirely."

Read the preview here.

David Craddock, at ShackNews, also interviewed Michael Booth, revealing more details about the game.

    "Your sweaty palms quiver as they grip your pistol--a pistol with only one bullet remaining in the chamber. You whirl at the sound of feet that shamble at first, then pick up speed upon recognizing you, the Survivor. The rest of your team is dead. They're the lucky ones."

Read the interview here.

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