Deep Dive

Hello and welcome to a series of posts about Valve Index®. To kick things off, we'll be talking about Field of View (FOV) with more information on Extensibility & Mod-ability and Optics & Clarity comings soon.

Field of View (FOV)

When we set out to create the Index HMD, one of our primary goals was to improve the overall fidelity of the VR experience, including visuals, audio, ergonomics, tracking quality, and more. Read More

and Mod-ability

We've released CAD for components of all three primary products in the Valve Index VR system under a Creative Commons license. The files are hosted on a GitHub repository. This includes CAD files we believe will be useful for makers and modders of all types, including important info on the "Frunk". Read More

Ear Speakers - Research, Design, and Evolution

The Valve Index Ear Speakers have been optimized for the specific experiential goals of virtual reality, which caused their design to diverge in interesting ways from that of typical consumer headphones. Read More

Valve Index®

Available a la carte or as a complete kit through the Steam Store.