Base Stations

Best-in-industry room-scale tracking

The highest quality tracking has gotten even better with Base Station 2.0, now with improved range, field of view, and scalability.

More coverage

Bigger play spaces, more room to explore.

Increased range and FOV

The new single-rotor design provides a wider FOV and increased range. Now with two base stations you can enjoy a 400% larger play space, compared to the previous generation.


Add a third base station to cover a tricky spot in your room. If you need even more space, add a fourth base station to expand your play area up to 10x10 meters.

The best tracking, improved

Sub-millimeter resolution to capture every gesture.

Laser tracking

Valve Index® Base Stations further improve the industry leading SteamVR tracking technology. Fixed lasers sweep 100 times a second to track photonic sensors on the headset and controllers. This ensures the highest resolution (sub-millimeter) experiences across all postures and actions without fear of occlusion.

More compatible

Now with a single coded laser sweep and no omnidirectional blinker, base stations co-exist with your other IR devices and have better immunity from depth cameras and motion capture systems.

Compatibility Note: Valve Index Base Stations are only compatible with 2.0 tracking capable hardware. This currently includes Valve Index and HTC Vive Pro hardware.

Tech specs




160º x 115º


Up to four base stations, up 10m x 10m playspace


12V, compatible with existing HTC Vive power supply

Valve Index®

Available a la carte or as a complete kit through the Steam Store.