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Valve is seeking optical engineers with a wide range of skills. Ideal candidates have experience working in research and development as well as experience shipping products. Candidates should also have a strong background in design, simulations, optical testing, and radiometry. Candidates must also have strong lab skills and a desire to get to the bottom of challenging hardware problems.

  • Work with a team of engineers and collaborate on a large range of optical work streams
  • Develop next generation concepts and build prototypes to prove out concepts
  • Product ideation, concept generation, prototyping, concept reduction
  • Ability to manage concept from earlier stages to production
  • Working knowledge of technologies found in high-end consumer electronics
  • Minimum 10 years' design experience related to high-volume products
  • Proficiency in sequential and non-sequential ray trace
  • Experience with interferometry, profilometers, MTF testing, and optical testing methods
  • Strong understanding of radiometry and geometric optics
What We Offer
  • An organization where 100% of time is dedicated as groups see fit
  • The opportunity to collaborate with experts across a range of disciplines
  • A work environment and flexible schedule in support of families and domestic partnerships
  • A culture eager to become stronger through diversity of all forms
  • Exceptional health insurance coverage
  • Unrivaled employer match for our 401(k) retirement plan
  • Generous vacation and family leave
  • On-site amenities in support of health and efficiency
  • Fertility and adoption assistance
  • Reimbursement for child care during interviews

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