Game Developer Technical Assistance Software Engineer

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As a Software Engineer focused on Game Developer Technical Assistance, you're the point person for making sure that games and applications are well-integrated with Steam platform features and work properly. Developers and publishers will rely on you to assist with integration of Steamworks features, general technical issues and business decisions. An active working knowledge of C++ is vital to this role, as are good communication and prioritization skills and a clear focus on providing the best possible customer experience. The ability to be self-directed, while still providing excellent service to partners, is critical.

  • Supporting our community of developers and publishers, both one-on-one and through open forums.
  • Enhancing the Steam store for customers and partners, by designing and implementing promotional vehicles.
  • Setting and enforcing policies for partner behavior on the Steam store.
  • Advocating for the best customer experience possible for games distributed on Steam.
  • Advising partners about Steam opportunities and collaborating with them to integrate Steam platform features.
  • Debugging problems with Steam services.
  • Working with different internal groups and partners to create new Steam features, tools and initiatives.
  • Writing and maintaining Steamworks documentation.
  • C++ and PHP development experience.
  • Games industry experience and knowledge.
  • Web (HTML/CSS/JS) development experience.
  • A wide breadth of technical knowledge.
  • Experience working with multiple external partners and customers.
  • A wide-ranging view of business strategy.

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