At Valve we make games, Steam, and hardware.

The 2018 International Dota 2 Championships, hosted at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC, was enjoyed by millions of concurrent viewers online.

Our platform connects players with the world's greatest entertainment.

We created Steam in 2003 to serve as a digital content distribution channel, before app stores existed. It's since grown and evolved into a platform for thousands of creators and publishers to deliver content and establish direct relationships with their customers. The Steam Community enables millions of players to do likewise, sharing entertainment and ideas, and making friends.

Our hardware is a happiness delivery vehicle.

We make consumer electronic devices that expand and improve gaming on the PC. Things like the Steam Deck, Valve Index, Steam Controller, and Steam Link. We invented the VR technologies that power the Vive, an interactive VR system brought to market in partnership with HTC.

Iterate, test, repeat.

Just as in software development, we conduct playtests and share prototypes with our partners and players. We follow the results of this work all the way through the manufacturing process to create products people are sure to enjoy.

Yes, that first prototype is just barely being held together by gaffer's tape.

We're just getting started.

We make all of this stuff collaboratively in Bellevue, Washington, where we combine the resources and talent of a world-class company with the ethos of a small startup. With an engaged and vocal community of partners and players, our products and our company will continue to change and grow in ways we may never have predicted. Join us, and help inform what's next.