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Valve is looking for audio software engineers to push the boundaries of audio tools and technologies for video games and VR. Audio engineers can work on extending our spatial audio technology, Steam Audio, and make a lasting impact on the game and VR audio development processes and broaden the range of audio experiences that developers can deliver. Audio engineers at Valve can also work with one of our game teams to engineer audio tools that empower creative storytelling techniques and deliver enjoyable experiences to millions of customers around the world. Collaborate with a team of broadly-skilled peers to make audio a powerful element in all current and future Valve products.

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What We Offer
  • An organization where 100% of time is dedicated as groups see fit
  • The opportunity to collaborate with experts across a range of disciplines
  • A work environment and flexible schedule in support of families and domestic partnerships
  • A culture eager to become stronger through diversity of all forms
  • Exceptional health insurance coverage
  • Unrivaled employer match for our 401(k) retirement plan
  • Generous vacation and family leave
  • On-site amenities in support of health and efficiency
  • Fertility and adoption assistance
  • Reimbursement for child care during interviews

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