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As a database administrator on the Steam team, you will join a world-class group of software, networking, and operations engineers who facilitate the creation and distribution of social entertainment experiences to players around the globe. We're looking for hands-on SQL Server database administrators to help design and build the future of Steam, our digital distribution platform.

Valve is an entertainment and technology company driven to design and deliver extraordinary entertainment experiences to customers. We hire people with broad skill sets who also exhibit deep expertise. Database administrators at Valve contribute in a wide variety of ways. We take care of all aspects of database planning, implementation, and maintenance. We perform physical database implementation, including index tuning, storage management and partitioning, and scoping and integration of new datacenter hardware. We monitor, tune, and refactor database and server performance. We collaborate to implement database-related features, including data modeling, procedural code design, query tuning, and performance management. We design and implement schemes for data security, system availability, and disaster recovery, including backup, log shipping, mirroring and Always On. We also recruit database specialists like you.

Do you prefer to collaborate with peers to define the work that you pursue? Valve's work environment is unique in that we rely on employees to be self-motivated, accountable, and able to recognize where to focus energy. If you're seeking an opportunity to improve upon processes and systems while continuing to call upon your database administration skills, consider joining Valve.

Database administrators at Valve have significant industry experience related to database design, implementation, and maintenance. Typical skills include:

  • Expertise with relational database management systems such as Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Database administration experience in large-scale high-availability environments.
  • Task automation and configuration management with languages such as PowerShell, Python, etc.
  • Design and management of disk storage systems
  • Capacity planning and system integration
  • Networking systems

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What We Offer
  • An organization where 100% of time is dedicated as groups see fit
  • The opportunity to collaborate with experts across a range of disciplines
  • A work environment and flexible schedule in support of families and domestic partnerships
  • A culture eager to become stronger through diversity of all forms
  • Exceptional health insurance coverage
  • Unrivaled employer match for our 401(k) retirement plan
  • Generous vacation and family leave
  • On-site amenities in support of health and efficiency
  • Fertility and adoption assistance
  • Reimbursement for child care during interviews

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