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POSITION DUTIES: Responsible for the creation and design of animated graphics and effects, specializing in character animation graphics, for commercially released Valve gaming products and commercial films for game promotion and theatrical exhibition. Design animated graphics and artistic content for effects including character models, background sets, objects, textures, destruction, game scenarios, and environments using computer graphics and modeling programs. Develop and produce 2-D and 3-D graphic effects for virtual reality applications, movie cinematics and game trailers. Participate in graphic design and production of multimedia campaigns. Provide modeling and graphic effects related feedback for development of in-house applications. Edit, direct, plan motion capture shoots.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's Degree* in Art & Design (Animation), Graphic Design, Multimedia Design or a directly related field, or the foreign degree equivalent and 6 years of experience using theories, methodologies and industry standards of animation to create and animate 3D characters for use in video games, television and/or film. Experience must include:

  • 5 years of experience using state machines and animation graphs such as Unreal and Unity and/or proprietary software.
  • 5 years of experience editing, directing and planning motion capture shoots for both gameplay and narrative content for AAA games.
  • 3 years of experience using Motion Builder and Maya.
  • Must have worked on at least one shoot using full performance capture (facial, body and audio capture).
  • Must have worked as an animator on at least 2 shipped AAA video game titles.

*In the alternative, we will accept 2 years of experience working as an Animator in lieu of a Bachelor's degree. Experience may be gained concurrently. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.

Position located at Valve Corporation in Bellevue, Washington. Refer to Job #89

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